Gun Control Gains Traction

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Gun Control has been a controversial topic of late. However, the fight for stricter gun control has been going on for quite some time. Trends suggest that much of today’s youth is calling for change in light of the recent mass shootings such as the L.A. shooting and Parkland. Many rallies and protests have gained the media’s attention as well.

Florida lawmakers proposed new regulations on gun control. One regulation is raising the age that a citizen can purchase a rifle (18 to 21).  Arming teachers with firearms is also another proposed bill.

“The legislation, which passed the State Senate on Monday and now heads to the governor, would raise the minimum age to purchase any firearm to 21 from 18; impose a three-day waiting period on gun purchases; fund school police officers and mental health counselors; and allow local school districts and sheriffs to arm certain school personnel,” the New York Times said.

This bill however, caused a significant divide between voters because educators could possibly discriminate against certain students.

“I support more funding towards mental health facilities and more background checks in order to buy  a gun,” junior Melissa Deida said.

The NRA (National Rifle Association) has also been under much scrutiny.

“The NRA has become a ‘Terrorist Organization,’” the Connecticut Governor said.

The NRA spent $54 million in the presidential and congressional races, nearly $20 million of which went to attacking Democrat Hillary Clinton and more than $11 million to support Republican Donald Trump,” ABC News said

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