Student Abducted from Allentown School

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A forty-five-year-old man named Kevin Esterly signed sixteen-year-old Amy Yu out of her school, Lehigh Valley Academy, ten times between the months of November and February, and recently, both persons were reported missing.

Allentown police issued a missing persons report on for Amy Yu and Kevin Esterly. Besides this current incident, Esterly already had an warrant out for his arrest concerning him interfering with the custody of children.

Officials say that Yu and Esterly had a very secretive relationship. Yu’s family reported her missing on February 9th to the police station and told them that Esterly had absolutely no permission to take Yu out of Lehigh Valley Academy.

The schools CEO, Susan Mauser, told Morning Call that a student should only be picked up by one emergency contact. Kevin and Amy last saw each other on a Monday and most likely were traveling in a 1999 red Honda Accord.

Yu’s mother ended up calling police again to Esterly’s house and told him and his wife to stay away from their family.

The day before the two went missing, Esterly’s wife said that he had taken personal documents from their house and $4,000 from her bank account.

“Yes, the school could have prevented this from happening because they should have identification and be listed on the emergency record,” junior Lydia Santiago said.  

“Schools should be safer in general. He is definitely preying on a younger girl who has not developed the skills to see what is actually going on,” art teacher Diane Chisdak said.

Amy Yu actually changed the school paperwork in order to have Kevin Esterly on the emergency contact list.

“There is no way the school could have prevented this; they can only do so much. There is a balance between security and freedom. Obviously, they are having a serious, sexual  relationship, or else none of this would have happened,” English teacher Mrs. Manhken said.

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