Nicaragua Moves towards Civil War

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Nicaragua is headed for another civil war. Protests against President Daniel Ortega’s regime are being held all across the country. Nicaragua’s current state is starting to seem similar to Venezuela’s situation right now.

Ortega first took power following the 1979 Sandinista revolution that overthrew the dictator Anastasio Somoza. He has dominated Nicaragua’s national politics ever since. From early in his rule, he proved to be like a dictator by confiscating property as well as jailing and torturing opponents and counterrevolutionaries.

After he was voted out in 1990, he continued to be a threat from behind the scenes, intimidating and blackmailing political opponents to stage his comeback.  He retook the presidency in 2007 and has taken nearly total control of the state since. Parliament, the courts, the media, the army, and the police are all under his control. He pressured Congress into ending presidential term limits and elected his own wife as vice president.

Nicaragua could quickly turn into another Venezuela. Nicaragua has become one of the poorest countries in the hemisphere. For more than a week at the end of April, Nicaragua was shaken by widespread, youth-led demonstrations calling for an end to the corrupt rule of Ortega. With his regime under pressure, Mr. Ortega’s security forces detained hundreds, and dozens were killed.

However, since Ortega became president, Nicaragua has actually been relatively stable. The U.S. Embassy in Nicaragua even lists the country as the safest in Central America for U.S. tourists.

After being reelected, President Ortega has also seemed to have changed his stripes and been relabeled as a Democratic Socialist who is very eco-friendly. He has also claimed that he was embracing his Catholic faith (despite ignoring Pope Francis’ recent denouncements against the violence in Nicaragua). In addition, he has claimed to be anti-Capitalist.

President Daniel Ortega’s authoritarian rule in Nicaragua has started a small revolution against him, and protests still continue.

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