U.S.-North Korea Summit Postponed

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A summit meeting between North Korea and the US that was to supposed to take place on 12 June was canceled by US president, Donald Trump. Over the past few days, President Trump has been trying to rekindle the cancelled meeting.

The reasons for the original cancellation were due to a lack of response from North Korea.

“Our United States team has arrived in North Korea to make arrangements for the Summit between Kim Jong Un and myself,” Trump tweeted.

Whether or not this meeting will actually take place is uncertain. Many concerns have arisen over the dangers if the summit were to go badly or not. This is due to both leaders exchanging threats.

Since 27 May, however, a certain urgency to make this meeting happen has transpired. June twelfth, is the desired date for the summit, despite the concern of insufficient preparation by National Security.

“I think a meeting between the US and North Korea would be good for both countries. North Korea could learn a lot from the U.S.,” senior Kyra Lea said.

Details that should have been worked out weeks ago are currently being deliberated upon. Technicalities such as where the meeting will be held, security numbers, and the amount of press that will be permitted to attend are currently being figured out.

The rush that has been put on ensuring that this meeting will take place almost guarantees that a summit of some degree will happen.

Deliberation over how this summit will go still raises concerns. Issues like nuclear plans and missiles are likely to be talked about.

Demands may be made from both parties, but what those demands will be are yet to be known.

“It’s good that the two will meet, and my hope is that would set the stage for more realistic, more direct, specific conversations later on,” former Democratic senator Max Baucus said.

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