Reporter Bio: Morgan Althouse

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Morgan Althouse, born March 2001, grew up in an agnostic house. Two years ago, she turned to Buddhism because she believes it’s the right way to go. Althouse aspires to write for The New York Times or VICE even though the two have conflicting points-of-view at times. What matters to Althouse is sparking important conversations among people.

“No matter what you believe and what you have to say, no views or speech should be censored for any reason,” she says.

What no one knows about Althouse is that she plays guitar and sings on open mic shows. She’s had a few opportunities to play on cruises. As a teen, her first love and first heartbreak was Justin Timberlake. When Timberlake stopped performing on SNL, she was broken and distraught. All is well, though, because Althouse believes Harry Styles and her are practically married.  In the future, Althouse wishes to adopt instead of having kids of her own. Before the end of her life, Morgan wishes to hitchhike across America and triumphantly return safely to write a book on her experience.

By Aaron Poper

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