Reporter Bio: Aydan Tregear

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Aydan Robert Tregear was born September 25th in Danville, Pennsylvania. As a child, his favorite memory would have to be Christmas time because of the sight of seeing his family members happy. Aydan moved to Fleetwood in fourth grade because his parents wanted to buy a home in this area. Tregear currently works at Keystone Villa in Blandon, PA. He has been employed there for two years now. Aydan’s father, George, builds trucks. His mother, Jennifer, is a social worker who helps children get adopted. Aydan has one brother named Kyler, who is 16, and one sister named Jenna, who is 13. Their family owns three cats and a dog named Jackson. Aydan and his family went to Universal in the summer of 2016, which would mark his favorite vacation.

Aydan joined Journalism this year because, during seventh and eighth grade, he wrote for the Middle School newspaper. He enjoys discussing thoughts and opinions with peers. English is his best subject in school while math is his worst. Aydan does not know where he wants to attend college yet, but he possibly wants to be an architect. Tregear’s top three goals in life would include owning a nice home, having financial stability, and overall having a stable household. When he is older, he wants to adopt no more than three children and would consider fostering children as well. If Aydan could go anywhere in the world, it would be Great Britain because “it is a cool place to be and it would be interesting to learn a different way of life.” Some things no one knows about Aydan are that he is a vegetarian, he enjoys giving blood because it is relaxing to him, he fears stink bugs, he is pollution neutral, and he is allergic to dust, roaches, and penicillin. Tregear’s number one pet peeve is when people walk on the wrong side of a staircase.

By Elyse Essick


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