Reporter Bio: Isabella Balthaser

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Isabella Rosalie Balthaser was born on 19 June 1999; she is nineteen-years-old. Balthaser likes Journalism because she enjoys writing, and she likes finding truthful information. Her favorite subjects are English and history because she loves to read and she loves how history shaped us (especially the Enlightenment period). Balthaser plans to be an English or history teacher and plans to attend college. Some of Balthaser’s hobbies are reading,writing, and being with friends and family.

Some of Balthaser’s beliefs are that having respect for yourself is important, so you are able to show respect to others, and that everyone should be treated equally. One important thing she has learned is that not everyone is as privileged as others, and if you are going through a rough patch, someone else could be going through worse. She also believes that you should not let others words define you and you should be yourself. One thing Balthaser would love to do is write a book. She is very excited for the future and hopes to one day travel to Italy to see her family.

By Amber Weiss

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