Is Biased News Overtaking Traditional Journalism?

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Is biased news invading news media all over?

News companies are constantly sharing controversial stories, but their motives behind them may not be geared just by facts. Some major news companies today may be promoting certain articles in a biased way.

A biased article is when a journalist writes personal opinions in an article trying to pass them off as facts. That doesn’t mean a biased news article can’t have facts; sometimes writers will make headlines to sway the readers’ focus of the article, or else they only write articles that support their beliefs.

Major news companies today are using biased news tactics to get its opinions across. Fox news is primarily a conservative news company, while CNN is more lenient on the liberal point of view. It is easy to identify the political perspective of a company by the type of news they put out.

How two writers wrote about the same event shows how biased companies can be. During one of the debates back in 2016, CNN and Fox news chose to cover different aspects in order to support their respective sides. Fox, a more conservative publication, issued more news about Trump and his high points, ignoring anything against him, while CNN shed more light on Clinton and shade on Trump.

Everyday news readers had something to say about biased news. The majority of people are aware of what biased news is as well as the impact headlines have on the focus of articles. There was a difference in belief when the question of whether or not biased news was always around.

“No, [biased news has not always been around] because when the news first came out, it was made just to inform, but now people have manipulated it to be the news they want it to be,” Kasey Ruiz said.

Other people disagree, stating that biased news is not a new occurrence.

“It has always been around; it is way too hard to not write a biased article,” Nick Weiss said.

Regardless of other news media, The Tiger Times is committed to reporting only the facts in the most objective manner possible for any and all topics.

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