Fleetwood Secures Fourth State Title

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On 17 November 2018, it was a chilly Saturday afternoon at Hershey Park Stadium. Fleetwood squared off against Deer Lakes, looking to capture their fourth state title.

The team went back and forth with shots, but no one was able to put the ball in the net during regulation. Sam Schappell helped the team throughout the game with four big saves to keep the score tied. Fleetwood had their chances but could not find the back of the net.

The game stayed without a score until the end of regulation, taking the Tigers to yet another OT game. The game went back and forth, but nine minutes and forty-six seconds in, Aiden Negron finally earned the Tigers the goal they’d all been waiting for. The crowd went wild, and the team piled in the middle.

“It felt amazing; it was a dream come true. Everyone has worked so hard, and it shows.  We deserved this win after all the hard work we put in. We didn’t only do this for ourselves but for the whole community and all the fans that always supported us,” senior captain Abraham Jalloh said. “This whole team has heart, and that was our main motivation, we knew we worked too hard to lose it.”

The team proved all their hard work was worth it. Tony Hunter has been a spark off the bench all year.

“I know teams don’t have a scouting report on me, so I use that as an advantage and use my speed on the wing and try my best to set up my teammates with good crosses in the box,” Hunter said. “We’ve been talking about this for a long time. The last three years have been rough, and all the seniors really wanted to end on a bang, and all the underclassmen helped make this the best way to end our high school career, and hopefully the team can do the same thing next year; they have all the talent to do it!”

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