German Club Participates in Making Gingerbread Houses

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Fleetwood’s German club will be etched into the school’s history for spreading German culture. In late December, the club met for a Christmas celebration of Gingerbread house creation.

On Thursday, 20 December, the Fleetwood Area School District German Club met to continue their long-standing holiday custom. Again this year, they created fanciful gingerbread houses in the German tradition.

German brothers Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm are credited for creating the concept of a “gingerbread house” made of breads, cakes, and candies. The Brothers Grimm were born and raised in Germany; they collected and published over 200 fairy tales. Among them is the world-famous “Hansel and Gretel.” This is the story of two little children who are left in the woods to die. Instead, they happen upon a house made entirely of bread and sweets. Today, families in Germany create replicas of the witch’s gingerbread house.

Frau Moll, FASD German teacher, has been making gingerbread houses with her German classes and German Club since she came to Fleetwood in 2012.

“It’s a fun, creative, and tasty way to recognize another Christmas tradition whose origins are German,” Moll said.

“This meeting was really fun, and I met new people,” 10th grader Kylie Frain said.  

The favorite part of the event for sophomore Brooke VanBilliard was the company.

“It’s always great to spend time bonding with my friends,” VanBilliard said.

“It’s fun to be creative while decorating the gingerbread houses,” sophomore Allen Lee said.

“It’s great to take part in this German tradition…and get to eat a bunch of candy!” sophomore Sean Kershner said.

The German Club includes students in grades 6-12 and meets once a month at the middle school. See Frau Moll for more information about joining the German Club.

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