U.S. Troops Return Home from Syria

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“After historic victories against ISIS, it’s time to bring our great people home!” President Donald Trump said in a Tweet on 19 December 2018.

More than 2,000 U.S. troops have returned from Syria, according to USA Today, but Senators from both parties were against the President’s decision to withdraw the troops for various reasons.

“This will be an internal struggle between the opposition and Assad. Also, many Middle Eastern countries are entering the scene now that the US has decided to leave Syria,” science teacher Karen Favata said.  “I believe once we pull out of a war,Trump would believe it would show weakness to return.”

Critics of President Trump addressed several concerns about U.S. troops leaving Syria to National Public Radio. Firstly, they expressed concern about a revival from ISIS. Secondly, they thought, if US troops withdrew from Syria, then Bashar al-Assad would feel more secure with his position as Syrian President. They relayed their consternation of Iran and Russia claiming their victory. They also worry about Turkey launching offensives against the Kurds. And lastly, they think the U.S. will be seen as abandoning one of their allies (or violating foreign policy).

“I think it’s a grave error. I think our adversaries around the world are going to go to our partners and allies and say, ‘You see, America’s unreliable,’” Republican Senator Marco Rubio said in an interview with NPR.org.

“Just because President Trump tweets that he has defeated ISIS doesn’t make us safer. The president continues to disregard the advice of his military, diplomatic, and intelligence personnel, who have consistently warned against the action the president seems poised to take,” Rhode Island Democrat Senator Jack Reed said in an interview with NPR.org.

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