Jamie Lynn Closs Escapes Kidnapper

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On 15 October 2018, the whole world changed for one little girl.

Jayme Lynn Closs, thirteen-years-old, went missing. When police officers arrived on scene, they found Jayme’s parents shot to death in their home located in Barron, Wisconsin.

Her father’s name was James Closs, and he was fifty-six-years-old. Her mother’s name was Denise Closs, and she was forty-six-years-old.

On 10 January 2019, brave Jayme Closs escaped from her kidnapper’s house; his name is twenty-one-year-old Jake Thomas Patterson.

As of now, Patterson is facing murder and kidnapping charges. The public does not have any information on Jayme’s mental or physical state right now. Her aunt, Kelly Engelhardt, told Fox News they are “not asking” Jayme questions right now.

While searching Patterson’s house, police found a shotgun that is consistent with the firearm used on 15 October to shot through Jayme’s front door.

After investigation, Patterson provided more information. He said he spotted Jayme for the first time after he stopped behind a school bus on Highway 8. Patterson also stated that there was no rhyme or reason for taking Closs; she was just the girl he wanted.

As of now, he is charged with two counts of first-degree intentional homicide, a count of kidnapping, and one of burglary. He appeared in court, and his bail was set at five million dollars in cash.

Patterson visited the Closs house twice before the date of the murders and kidnapping but was scared off by people and lights. He even went as far as shaving his head so he would not leave any DNA evidence.

The night of the kidnapping, Jayme said she heard her dogs barking and woke up. She then went to her parents’ room and her father went downstairs, where he was shot by Patterson. Meanwhile, Jayme and her mother were in the upstairs bathroom, where they dialed 911. When Patterson found them, her mother hung up the phone and was forced to duct tape her daughter’s mouth.  Her mother was then shot.

Patterson stuck Jayme in the trunk of his car and drove away. She said she could hear the sirens, but it was too late.

On 10 January, Patterson told Jayme that he was going to be away for at least five hours; this is the day she knew it was time to get out. She crawled out of the bed, pushed the weights off them, put on shoes, and ran out to the middle of the road.

“I do not believe in the death penalty.  It is way too expensive and takes forever; he deserves life in prison without parole. He is definitely unstable. This was planned; his purpose was to go into the house and get the girl,” Fleetwood Area High School English teacher Debra Mahnken stated.

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