Philadelphia Eagles Have a Carson Wentz Dilemma

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The Philadelphia Eagles have an interesting dilemma at the quarterback position, Carson Wentz or Nick Foles?

The team, as of January 15, have elected to continue forward with Carson Wentz at the helm. This has evoked reactions from many Eagles fans. Some like this move, and some wanted to see the team go with Nick Foles.

The Carson-Wentz-versus-Nick-Foles situation is complicated, but when one untangles the situation, it becomes clear Wentz is the future in Philly.

He is a 6’5” athlete who has a tremendously accurate and powerful arm. He has the innate ability to escape sacks and still look downfield for open receivers. It is too early to move on from a quarterback the team traded up to draft number two overall. He will only improve with experience. He’s proven his abilities; one just needs to look through the magic of Foles in the postseason.

The Nick Foles argument is intriguing but is shrouded with recency bias. He is a quarterback worthy of a starting spot in the NFL, but take a deep breath and come down from the playoffs high that Foles provides. Carson Wentz is the future in Philly.

The combination of Pederson at head coach and Wentz at quarterback promises success for years to come. If the two can adapt and adjust their ways, something Pederson has proven he can do well, the Eagles will be a force for a long time in the NFL.

Nick Foles’ magic has not quite worn off, and I think that is great news for Philly. Rather than pay him his $20 Million to extend his contract through 2019, trade him to a team willing to give up good players and picks for him. There are plenty of teams in need of a quarterback, and with a weak quarterback class coming in, they may be willing to go after the thirty-year-old Foles. Perhaps division rivals the New York Giants could be looking for a new quarterback.

Striking while the iron is hot with trading Foles would be a smart, advantageous move for the Eagles. The next move, though it may be clouded by the recent playoff success of Nick Foles, is actually clear when given a good look. Carson Wentz is the future at quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

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