Rob Gronkowski Inducted into Hall of Fame

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After nine seasons of dominating defenses, Rob Gronkowski decided it is time to hang up the cleats. Not only is Rob Gronkowski a Hall of Famer for how he played on the field, but he is also remembered by his wild actions outside of sports.

Clips of Gronk have surfaced the web of him dancing and partying with other celebrities and fans plenty of times. Gronk may have made inappropriate jokes and said wild things, but that’s part of what compelled some fans to adore him. People loved his crazy energy and amazing humor.

Before Rob made it into the NFL, he attended the University of Arizona for three years. As a freshman in 2007, Gronk recorded twenty-eight receptions for 525 yards and six touchdowns. Gronkowski only played until 2009 after injuring his back his junior year.

Gronk’s nine years in the NFL will always be remembered as “exciting.” Gronk always seemed to get the fans on their feet with his big, fancy plays.

“As a Steelers fan, I am happy to see him retiring, but as a football fan, it is a little upsetting. I enjoyed watching his exciting plays and his energy during games, but hopefully he will go on to broadcast for the NFL.  I feel like he could make the games funny, and he knows what he is talking about,” senior Seth Wagner said.

Throughout the nine years, Gronk made appearances in four Super Bowls, winning two of the four. Even though Gronk was not able to bring in a Super Bowl MVP, he was always a big piece in the Patriots’ offense.

Losing Gronk is going to be a big loss for the Patriots even though many players and reporters believe that Gronk will make a comeback. For now, Rob Gronkowski seems to be done with football, but who knows where he is going to end up in the next couple of years?

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