Research Shows E-Cigarettes Just as Addictive as Regular Cigarettes

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E-cigarettes have been used in scientific research recently due to the underlying question, what will be the health risks of smoking e-cigarettes?

Millions are familiar with the term e-cigarettes, which have increased in use exponentially in recent years. This billion dollar product convinced millions that vaping is safer than smoking tobacco, which it is; however, it can still be life-threatening. These electronic cigarettes not only damage the lungs but also other major organs, such as the heart.

Even though vaping is safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes, it is not deemed healthy. The nicotine found in e-cigarettes can cause damage to the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system. Because nicotine tells the body to produce more adrenaline, a hormone in response to stress, it causes the arteries to narrow. It narrows because the adrenaline in the bloodstream causes the body’s muscles to tense. This can cause the blood pressure and heart rate to increase, which could lead to serious health risks such as strokes.

Vaping is toxic to the heart. Since e-smokers are smoking from a metal device, they will inhale tiny particles of metal that can lodge into their lungs. This can be toxic to the cardiovascular system because lungs convert deoxygenated blood into oxygenated blood from the heart. The heart will then pump this polluted blood throughout the body, causing damage.

Not only are e-cigarettes bad for your health, but they are just as addictive as regular smoking. Vaping contains nicotine, an addictive drug found in tobacco plants, that causes a sort of high in smokers. This continues the addiction. The annual “Monitoring the Future” report states that the rates for vaping in high school seniors have gone up from 27.8%  in 2017 to 37.3% in 2018.

There is significant evidence supporting that vaping leads to smoking tobacco. The guilty additive that causes this addiction is nicotine. This harmful substance is present in both products and it is the reason why people get addicted. Nicotine acts as a reward for the brain and therefore is the main reason people get addicted.

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