Fleetwood Student Named Head of Marketing and Promotions for Advanced Comfort Specialists

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When you think of the word brand, you think of a company that can provide the services one needs. With that thought, someone might also think of how that brand makes him or her feel. When someone thinks of your own company and brand, you want them to feel positive and trusting of you. That is how sophomore Gavin Milligan described his role as marketing and promotions head.

His father, Chad, is a co-founder of Advanced Comfort Specialists, or ACS, which is the family business. ACS provides HVAC services to residential homes and businesses. The company is based in Blandon and is a short walk for most of locals. Since Milligan was twelve, he had little presence in the company. His task was to watch over social media accounts and make posts every now and then. Recently, Milligan earned quite the promotion and received media attention from the Reading Eagle’s Business Weekly and Reading Magazine

Milligan’s father decided to make him the Marketing and Promotions Manager. The company gives Gavin a budget, and he must allocate it and spend it the right way on advertisements.

“I have to be very strict.  I have to know that I’m spending the money the right way. Once I learned that, I slowly eased into the Marketing and Promotions Manager role,” Milligan said.

Creating ads and buying ad space is not a job that can be done behind a computer screen all day.

“A lot of what I do is outside the office. Typically, what my day is, I go out and I work 7 or 8 hours in the field.  I take pictures; I take videos,” Milligan said.

He does this all while learning about the HVAC industry. At the end of the day, Milligan then sits at a desk and compiles all of his material for advertisements. When asked about taking over the business when his father retires, Gavin says he wants to expand into plumbing and electrical work. But for right now, he is focused on customer service.

“We are in the customer service industry. We have to make our customers feel good. That’s actually my marketing strategy. I want to build relationships and I want to create relationship Give them [the customer] free stuff. If they’re loyal to us, we give them free stuff. A lot of what we do is focused more on customer service than being profitable that month and that quarter and that year,” Milligan said.

When someone messages the company on any platform that they need HVAC help, Milligan replies in under three minutes with whoever is being dispatched to help.

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