Reporter Bio: Anthony Penaloza

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Anthony Penoloza was born on 10 April 2002 in Reading, PA. He is currently a senior and has attended Fleetwood his whole life. Anothony’s earliest memory is a trip to Mexico when he was five-years-old. In his free time, he enjoys drawing as well as listening to music. His favorite artist is Lil Uzi Vert. In addition to rap, he also listens to hip-hop. 

This is his first year taking journalism, and while Penaloza may not pursue journalism in the future, he does hope to go to a tech school and have a career in the technology field. He is a people person and, in his own words, “joined this class for a friend.” He has four brothers, three younger and one older. Penaloza sees himself as a selfless individual. When asked to describe himself in three adjectives, he said, “kind, caring, and funny,” and he hopes to be remembered as such.

By Hannah Medina

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