Reporter Bio: Jayra Chavarria

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Jayra Chavarria was born in Manhattan, NY, on 29 May 2002, to parents Blanca and Jairo Chavarria. She is involved in Tiger Times, Film Club, National Art Honor Society, and Student Council. English is her favorite subject to study, and she wants to pursue a degree in Fashion Journalism. Chavarria is currently the President of the Journalism class, which was one of her goals to accomplish in her high school career. Her favorite thing to do in her free time is art, but more specifically acrylic painting. During the summer, she went to Costa Rica and spent time at home relaxing before the start of her senior year. 

As a child, the most influential person in her life was her mother. Her favorite game to play when she was a child was hide and seek, and one of her biggest fears were dogs, which she quickly overcame. She has one older sister and two dogs. Chavarria tends to lean towards the left when it comes to politics. Her favorite color is green, and she enjoys the show New Girl. Her favorite band is 5 Seconds of Summer. Her least favorite thing about school is all the time-consuming homework that she has to complete. However, her favorite thing about school is seeing and spending time with her friends. 

By Abigail Lutcavage

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