Reporter Bio: Tyler Hartline

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Tyler Hartline was born on 20 November 2001. Besides himself, Tyler has two younger brothers who are twins. Hartline claims to have Acrophobia, also known as the fear of heights. When asked why or how the phobia developed, he replied that there was no real reason behind it. If Tyler could become any animal, he would choose to be a rhino. Hartline would choose with no hesitation the ability to fly, if granted the wish of having any superpower. If he had the chance to meet any celebrity, Tyler would want to meet Lebron James from the Lakers. Tyler is hard-working and has a job training racehorses, even though he doesn’t consider it a real job. When inquired about college, Hartline answered that he wasn’t really looking into college because he does not plan on attending college. Tyler’s favorite television show is Family Guy. When asked if he wants to get married in the future, he replied that he would when the time was right. When it comes to politics and where he falls in it, Hartline said that he doesn’t really keep up with all the politics. If he could travel anywhere in the world, Tyler explains how he would want to go to the tropical islands of Hawaii. Whenever Hartline wants to relax, he’ll put on his favorite movie, Get Out, directed by Jordan Peele. Tyler enjoys watching Netflix; his latest binge-watch has been a Travis Scott Documentary. 

By Veronica Nasados

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