Reporter Bio: Amber Weiss

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Amber Skye Weiss was born on 17 June 2002. She is currently a senior at Fleetwood Area High School. Over the course of her high school career, Weiss participated in chorus and the school newspaper. She favored English and history classes over any other classes. Weiss is not entirely sure what she wants to do after graduation. However, she would prefer to do something with writing. In the next ten years, Weiss hopes to see herself with a decent-paying job, a nice house, and possibly a pet. Amber has a very strong passion for music. She spends a lot of her free time listening and discovering new music. Her favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz. Amber really appreciates the music, creativity, and overall message of the movie. If she could meet any celebrity, it would be Elton John. Amber claims that is due to his kindness. She also claims that he comes across as a very charitable, down-to-earth celebrity. Weiss loves animals. In fact, her happiest memory was saving a stray cat. She loves to travel and hopes to travel more in the future. Amber’s favorite place that she has traveled to was Tennessee. If she could be good at one thing, it would be math. Weiss explains that she finds it more difficult compared to English or history. If she could meet anybody in history, it would be Abraham Lincoln. Weiss claims that it is because his ideas really shaped society and our nation as we know it today.

By Alyssa Padilla

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