Mental Illness Is More Common Than You Think

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“Mental health problems are common, but help is available,” write. 

With increasing knowledge about mental health issues, there is also an increase of different stereotypes surrounding people with mental illnesses. Many people who deal with a mental illness can sometimes feel that there is no one to talk to, yet many people are willing to help those in need. 

In 1990, Congress officially recognized the first week in October as Mental Illness Awareness Week. This helped to destigmatize mental health and encouraged people to look for help. This week is meant to change the way people see mental health and the many biases that come with having a mental illness.

Mental health is something that many people live with. Even if a person does not think he or she can help someone who has a mental illness, sometimes just being there is enough for the person.

Someone might not think that mental health can affect one’s life, but it is more common than many know it to be. Around 4.5% of all adults have some form of mental illness. Around 20% of children will experience some type of mental illness in their lives. 

Even if someone doesn’t think he or she knows someone who has a mental illness, that person might not want to share because they fear the criticism they could receive for being labeled.

If you know someone who has a mental illness, don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to them; it might just make their day knowing that someone understands them.

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