Popular Gamer Banned from Fortnite

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Popular Fortnite YouTuber FaZe Jarvis has been banned by the game’s creators, Epic Games, following his public use of cheating hacks.

Jarvis was using an in-game cheat while playing Fortnite and had been punished for it. However, he claims his intent was for entertainment purposes only.

Born in England on 11 November 2001, Jarvis is more of a newer streamer on his own.

He made a name for himself playing Call of Duty on his brother’s YouTube channel, FaZe Kaye. 

Jarvis then found the game of Fortnite and started streaming in 2018, leading to him getting a professional contract with FaZe Clan.

The gamer had previously uploaded a video of himself playing while openly using aimbots. He has since deleted it.

Jarvis explained that he received the ban after using aimbots, a type of in-game cheat that allows players to automatically aim at opponents, greatly increasing shooting accuracy.

He recently uploaded a video titled, “I’ve been banned from Fortnite (I’m sorry)”, and he has nearly 11.5 million views in which he explains his situation and apologizes to both the creators and his audience.

“It’s obvious that I made a massive mistake. And, of course, I would never think about doing anything like this again,” Jarvis said.  “You know, when I was making those videos, I never thought about the consequences that could happen from me making those videos. I just thought about entertaining you guys.” 

This has been shocking news to many of his fans, and they are upset at the punishment given to him.

“I am devastated that Jarvis has been banned. I used to watch all his clips on YouTube; hopefully, he starts playing new games like Roblox,” Braxton Fodor said.

Jarvis is currently taking a break from gaming to focus on his personal life and his family.

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