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COVID Affects Sports and Small Businesses

January 16, 2021


“The Governor is in an unenviable position.  He needs to balance public health with mental health and economics,” Coach Zeller said. COVID has been hitting hard on all of us, but small businesses and sports might be the ones who are getting hit the hardest. “I feel bad for those who have lost their jobs […]

Artifact Club: What Is It, and What Do They Do?

January 6, 2021


“I got to the point where a lot of the art goes home, and I wanted to have a summary piece that had a tangible copy of the art,” Artifact supervisor Mrs. Chisdak said. This year is the twentieth anniversary of the club, Artifact, which makes events like Blurb and the Art Event possible.  Chisdak, […]

Will Fleetwood Go Virtual or Remain Hybrid?

January 4, 2021


Will Fleetwood ever go fully virtual? Fleetwood started virtual last year, but by the end of summer, the hybrid system began. As the months have gone by, students have begun to prefer the hybrid system over the virtual one. Some virtual students believe they can’t work at their fullest potential. But, if cases keep rising, […]

Reading High School Sports and Extracurricular Activities are Reinstated by School Board

December 15, 2020


The Reading School Board members have decided to reinstate district sports and extracurricular activities.  It took a long time and a lot of convincing for it to happen, but, after voting and discussing, the board members decided to come to an agreement to make it happen and test it out.  The Reading School Board voted […]

Downs, Leininger Sign Letters of Intent

December 14, 2020


Fleetwood students Olivia Downs and Sarah Leininger have signed their National Letters of Intent.  Olivia will be attending Widener for swimming, and Sarah will be attending Millersville for Girls Volleyball.  The NCAA manages the daily operations of the NLI program while the Collegiate Commissioners Association (CCA) provides governance oversight of the program. It started in […]

School Lunch Funding Decreases Amidst Pandemic

December 2, 2020


Only a quarter of students are eating lunch from the cafeteria this year; even fewer are eating breakfast. Even though the school lunches and breakfasts are free, only a quarter of kids are getting lunch from the cafeteria, which lowers the USDA funding to be able to provide these meals because they do not receive […]

Mock Trial: Another Year, Another Victory?

December 1, 2020


“People do not win people’s fights. Lawyers do,” aerospace businessman Norman Ralph Augustine said. Over 300 high school student teams from across the state have the opportunity to act as lawyers and witnesses in simulated civil and criminal trials before actual judges and panels of juries. Lawyers volunteer to assist students as team advisors, scorekeepers, […]

Partisan Politics Drive 2020 Presidential Election

November 20, 2020


On 3 November 2020, the presidential election took place. Candidates Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden ran against each other. Isabella Atchina, on behalf of the Biden voters, explained why her family is voting Biden because she liked that his ideals were for a more equal society. Nik Stella, on behalf of the Trump […]

German Students Signing up for Friendship Connections

November 16, 2020


German students are in the process of signing up for Friendship Connections.  If any students are interested in finding out more, he or she can approach Mrs. Christine Moll, German teacher, with any questions. It usually takes place between March and April.  Up until 2020, the Friendship Connection successfully arranged four-week ¨home-to-home¨ exchanges every year […]

BVA Manages FAHS Virtual Electives

November 15, 2020


Do you ever sit in front of a screen too long and feel your eyes start to burn? This is called a “digital eye strain.” The blue light that a computer screen emits is very harmful to the eyes after long periods of time, and many virtual students attending Fleetwood are struggling with this issue.  […]

FAHS Hosts Miller-Keystone Blood Drive

November 15, 2020


Anyone interested in participating in and learning more about the FAHS blood drive should ask science teacher Mrs. Jennifer Neiman or visit Miller Keystone´s website  There have been two student drives recently, one on 16 October and the one on 26 October. On 21 October, there was a drive held for the public. If […]

FAHS Substitute Mr. Jeffrey Metz Recounts His History with Post-9/11 Anthrax Scare

November 5, 2020


Everyone remembers where he or she was on 11 September 2001.  But many have forgotten that our country faced a second attack only a week after the events of 9/11.  This was the delivery of envelopes of Bacillus anthracis (Anthrax bacterium) to members of the media and to some of the politicians in Washington, D.C.  […]

Students, Plan to Vote When You Can!

November 3, 2020


With the recent presidential election, it is important to understand why voting is so important. Whether you are a young voter or an experienced voter, voting is a way to speak your voice and directly be involved with your government.  No matter what you think, every vote, even yours, is extremely important. That’s one of […]

Boys’ Soccer Having a Good Season Despite COVID

November 3, 2020


It’s another season for Boys’ Soccer, but will they go as far as they did last year? Boys soccer was off to a slow start with two losses in a row, but as the season draws to an end, they have won six consecutive games. The only thing left to see is if they will […]

Reporter Bio: Carissa Blankenbiller

November 2, 2020


Carissa Blankenbiller is a junior in high school. She has been attending Fleetwood for the last 5 years. After high school, she wants to attend college and hopefully work in a field with animals. Once college is over, she wants to start a family of her own. Carissa has two siblings, a younger half-sister who […]

Reporter Bio: Alexis Templin

November 1, 2020


Alexis Templin, also called Lexi, was born at Lehigh Valley Hospital on 15 February 2005. She currently attends Fleetwood Area High School and is in tenth grade. In five years, she would like to still be in college so she can be majoring in education. What she is most excited about in life right now […]

Professors, Counselors Working to Lessen Stress in Berks Colleges

October 26, 2020


Did you ever wonder what things are like as a college student attending a college or university in Berks County during a worldwide pandemic? Many teachers in Berks County are doing everything they can to lessen stress and anxiety for students. They have provided many different resources for them to adapt and get the help […]

Trump Threatens an End to Tik Tok

October 22, 2020


Children all over the world have interacted with this app and fallen in love. Tik Tok is an app with 800 million people active a day. Tik Tok is supposed to provide a welcoming community that lets a person express who he or she is. Tik Tok has also been a really big issue in […]

Sacha Joseph and Kenny Au Win Homecoming Court

October 19, 2020


On Wednesday, 7 October, Kenny Au and Sacha Joseph were crowned King and Queen of homecoming during a live stream.  Last year, Mamadou Jalloh and Michaela Kaskey were crowned King and Queen of Homecoming. For Fleetwood, Homecoming has been around for a long time. “I’ve heard about Hallway Decorating occurring since the early 2000s, and […]

FASD Braces for COVID-19 Restrictions

October 16, 2020


Covid-19 is the largest pandemic in years. This virus has infected 34.4 million people and killed over one million worldwide. Since January, the world has been dealing with the consequences of this outbreak. How do people stay safe, and where should they go to stay safe? Should students really be attending school? School is one […]

Reporter Bio: Abigail Lutcavage

October 13, 2020


Abigail Lutcavage was born on 25 January 2004 to Sara Tanhouser and Jason Lutcavage. She was born in Lehigh Valley Hospital and spent the first years of her life living in Hellertown. This is her second time participating in the journalism course, and she is excited to take what she has learned from last year […]

Homecoming Court: Who Are They?

October 12, 2020


“I am super surprised I’m on Homecoming Court! People keep congratulating me and it’s weird but it’s super sweet!” senior Kenzie Miller said. Ten seniors were voted on this year’s Homecoming Court and have shared their thoughts about the dance, grade competition, and predictions for the final vote. Homecoming is a special day for each […]

Reporter Bio: Jessica Kopycienski

September 22, 2020

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Jessica Lynn Kopycienski is a fifteen-year-old sophomore at Fleetwood Area High School. Her hobbies include creative writing and swimming, which she’s been doing on a team on-and-off for seven years. She entered Journalism to learn how to be a better writer, and while she is a little introverted and shy, she is excited to be […]

Reporter Bio: Madeline Ammon

September 22, 2020

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Madeline Ammon is a sophomore at Fleetwood High School who is excited by journalism.  She hopes she can acquire new the skills that will benefit her as a future lawyer. Madeline is wickedly smart and determined to be the best in everything she does.  Outside of school, she is an amazing soccer player. Hobbies Maddie […]