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Swatting in Pennsylvania

April 28, 2023


On the morning of Wednesday, March 29, 2023, schools all over Pennsylvania were swatted. Swatting is defined as someone calling the authorities claiming to be in danger, or that a serious crime is taking place. These calls, like all calls about people being in danger, are taken very seriously by the authorities, especially after the […]

April Fools: FAHS to Prohibit Camo over Fears of Invisibility

April 1, 2023


The tyranny of the easily seen has finally reached Fleetwood. Fleetwood has banned camouflage. The decision is not without controversy. This has many students in an uproar. The school’s reason for banning camo? It makes it more difficult to see students.  “This is blatant authoritarianism, worse than anything I have ever seen,” Fleetwood Area High […]

Reading Film Fest Plans High School Competition

March 30, 2023


The Reading Film Fest is holding a 5-minute high school film festival on April 24th-26th 2023. It will be broadcast on Youtube, Facebook, and BCTV.  The Awards Ceremony will occur in person on Thursday, April 28th, at 6:00 p.m. at the Miller Center for the Arts RACC. It will include special guest speaker, J.W. Cortes, […]

Fleetwood Musicians Headed to New York

March 29, 2023


Music students from across the east coast will gather in Rochester, New York, this year on April 14th to practice and perform in a biennial festival for only the best musicians. Three Fleetwood Area High School students will be amongst their ranks. Baxter Beihl, Francesca Snyder, and Riley Spannuth are attending the NafME All-Eastern music […]

Jared Speece and Harmoni Stoudt Named January Students-of-the-Month

March 28, 2023


The FAHS students of the month have been identified for January 2023 as Jared Speece and Harmoni Stoudt. Stoudt and Speece both pride themselves on their work ethic and are happy to receive this award. “Part of it is that I’m always putting forth my best effort in everything I do,” Stoudt said. “I think […]

Reporter Bio: Christopher Martinez

January 23, 2023


Chris Martinez is a Sophomore at Fleetwood Area High School. He was raised as the youngest of five children in a Spanish-speaking household. Growing up bilingual has made him feel separated from others at times because he was different, but he appreciates his special ability to communicate now that he is older. His greatest role […]

COVID-19 Still Altering the Teaching Profession

January 13, 2023


The COVID-19 virus has affected many. In one way or another, it has changed everyone’s life. Schooling experienced much change as a whole. COVID affected the students and the classroom, but had perhaps the largest impact on teachers. Teachers had to cope with students being out because of COVID, half of the school missing each […]

COVID-19 Represents a Clear Stumbling Block for Students

January 11, 2023


After the effects of COVID-19 on the entire school system, students have felt the impact in a variety of ways. Grades, assignments, and attendance have seen these most alterations. In order to understand the impact COVID had, it’s important to find out how students responded after feeling its effects. “Before the pandemic, about 1 in […]

COVID-19 Still Affecting Classrooms

January 10, 2023


For two years, the American education system saw unprecedented changes to environments and structure. How did Fleetwood handle the change? Covid-19 created a shift in classroom dynamics that affected both students and teachers. Some things made a positive change, while others are still plighting the school with disconnectivity and fear. As students and staff looked […]

Philadelphia Sports Teams Having a Great Season

January 3, 2023


Philadelphia sports teams have local fans excited about their winning performances. The Eagles started their season undefeated. The Phillies made the World Series out of nowhere. The Philadelphia MLS team, the Union, made it to the MLS Cup. Along with all of this, the 76ers and Flyers have looked impressive early in their own respective […]

The Recycling is Mingling

December 13, 2022


Shiny, a plastic cup, is a number one. He went to a factory, and then he was melted down and squeezed into a microwave dinner tray. Shiny is now a number four. He will be put into recycling again, but he may never be anything but a microwave dinner tray.  The recycling of plastic is […]

Free Speech Has Consequences, and Cancel Culture Is One of Them

December 2, 2022


The First Amendment says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble.”  That means everyone is protected by the First Amendment to an extent. On the other hand, […]

Earth Population Reaches 8 Billion and Counting

December 1, 2022


Earth’s population just won’t stop growing. The human population hit 8 billion on November 15, 2022. This has many asking, “What are the consequences?” Many are not worried about overpopulation; some going so far as to call it a “myth”; still others view it as one of the greatest, or perhaps the greatest, threats to […]

Math Club Members Compete at Kutztown University

November 30, 2022


On October 27, 2022, senior math club members Ruohan Chen and Samuel Mitten competed against other high schoolers in the Keystone Symposium. This event, which is known as “The Inagurabal Keystone Symposium on Mathematics Research by High School Students,” creates an outlet for high schoolers to present a solution to a math-related problem. “For the […]

Rapper Ye West Creates Controversy

November 22, 2022


In light of recent events, rapper Kanye West has faced much backlash and criticism over a multitude of comments he has recently made. Kanye (who is now referred to as Ye after the process of a legal name change) is certainly not a new figure in the media spotlight.  As early as 2005, Ye started […]

Fleetwood to Perform Student-Directed One-Act Plays

November 21, 2022


The Fleetwood Area High School will be performing one-act plays on Wednesday,  November 16. The plays will start at 7:00 p.m., and there will be a $5 charge at the door.  There will be two plays, the first called “Four A.M.” and the second called “Check Please” with an intermission in between.  The director of […]

President Pardons Pot Possessors

November 18, 2022


President Biden is a one-time drug war hawk who is now pardoning pot offenders. On October 6, 2022, President Biden took to Twitter to announce the policy “As I’ve said before, no one should be in jail just for using or possessing marijuana. Today I’m taking steps to end our failed approach. Allow me to […]

Fleetwood’s Baxter Biehl Bound for Nationals

November 17, 2022


“He’s in the top 1% of students I’ve encountered in my career,” high school choral director Mrs. Catherine WIlliamson said. Baxter Biehl made the National Band in his senior year and will be attending the festival this November. He has advanced through four levels of competitive festivals to make it this far, and his musical […]

Fleetwood Soccer Team Primed to Go All the Way

November 16, 2022


Fleetwood is known for its soccer, winning the state title 3 times in its history. This year, the team is planning to go back with a record of 16-1-1. Fleetwood soccer has been awaiting this victory for the past four years. “Are we better this year than last year?” sophomore soccer player Lukas Landis said.¨Yes, […]

Chiarelli and Devlin Named October Students of the Month

November 15, 2022


For the month of October, seniors Melania Chiarelli and Delaney Devlin were announced as Students of the Month.  Both students are involved in multiple activities in and out of school.  Melania, the daughter of Anita and Gianluca, has taken part in soccer, drama club, yearbook, student council, and chorus.  For the community, she is a […]

Russia Considers Using Nuclear Weapons against Ukraine

November 11, 2022


Just how close is the world to Nuclear warfare? Unfortunately, it is probably the closest it has been since the Cold War era. The culprit is the raging war going on between Russia and Ukraine, in which Russia is making nuclear weapons threats. “They are just scare-tactics,” Fleetwood Area High school physics and science teacher […]

Hoffman Transitions from Student Teacher to Faculty Member

November 9, 2022


Ms. Hailey Hoffman, the new Fleetwood Area High School English teacher who teaches English 9 to 11, is from originally from Bridgewater, New Jersey, which she still frequently visits about twice a month.  Hoffman knew she wanted to be a teacher starting around the age of 4 or 5. “School was always my favorite game […]

Reporter Bio: Jeffrey Brown

November 2, 2022


Jeffrey Brown was born and raised in the Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, area.  He says he enjoys living here. He is a senior in high school at Fleetwood Area High School. He is currently enrolled in the school’s journalism program, which produces the school paper “The Tiger Times.” His reason for joining the program is that he […]

Fleetwood Soccer Undefeated

November 2, 2022


The Fleetwood Area High School soccer team is red hot, without taking a single loss while leaving opponents in the dust. According to MaxPreps Website, the team was ranked 15th in the state as of October 3. They were also ranked first in their division as well, 222nd out of the entire nation.  It doesn’t […]