Barnett Becomes New Bausher

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In late July, Mr. Kirby Barnett was hired to replace Mrs. Carol Bausher as the high school’s librarian. This is his first major job.

After hearing from the Kutztown University librarian that Mrs. Bausher might soon be retiring, Barnett checked the school’s website all the time for a job opening. In May of 2010, he graduated from KU with a bachelor’s degree in library science. Originally, he had planned on becoming a veterinarian. As a freshman in college, he majored in both elementary education and library science. Later in his college career, he decided that having two majors made life too hectic, and he surrendered the former.

Currently, Barnett resides in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania, with his parents. He hates the drive to school every day, which takes about 30-45 minutes and requires him to depart his house by 6 a.m.

Says Barnett: “It’s too early for me to get up, and the drive to school is too long.”

Barnett is also an avid Flyers fan and the owner of pet parakeet named Pete and a pet cat named Ferdinand. He has a fondness for fantasy and science fiction, so his literature recommendations often involve those genres.

His hometown is Birdsboro, where he graduated from Twin Valley High School. Now he is trying to move closer to the area and away from Birdsboro.

“I really like it here at Fleetwood. Kids here are full of surprises. Their reasons and behaviors are so unusual to me,” says Barnett

By now, he has seen and met every teacher. However, the teachers’ names and faces have not registered together for him yet, but he is still working on it.

He loves to work with high school students. Researching is his favorite thing to do. With high school students, he can help expand their research unlike younger kids who do not have exposure to such extensive research assignments. He also is getting a better feel for how to talk to a high school student.

Above all else, Barnett hates boredom. His goals as librarian include adding books, purchasing books, and planning library-themed lessons for teachers. His only complaint about Fleetwood is that he wishes the library was at the center of the school just like the library at Twin Valley.

Mrs. Peace, the librarian’s assistant, is adapting to the changes that Barnett has made. For her, it was like a whole new start. When Mrs. Bausher was here, the librarian never taught classes such as Japanese or computer. These are new responsibilities for which Peace has some accountability.

But all is well. “[Barnett] is really skilled with the computer,” says Peace.

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