Vick Flies High, Briefly

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Michael Vick was convicted and sentenced to time in jail for unlawful dog fighting activities a few years back. After 19 months in prison, he’s back on the football field. After being released in July of 2009, Vick was added to the Philadelphia Eagles roster as the backup quarterback to Kevin Kolb.

After all that time in prison, he must have been saving up all of his energy because, in his first game playing for the Eagles in 2010, his performance was fantastic.

Some fans were a bit skeptical about Eagles head coach Andy Reid putting on Vick as the starting quarterback. Vick was originally signed as a backup to Kolb; however, Reid changed his mind days after a news conference announcing Vick’s original role in the team.

“I don’t mind. With the loss of McNabb, Vick has done the Eagles some good,” says Fleetwood Area High School student Chelsea Bailey

Coach Andy Reid’s radical choice to make Vick the quarterback after Kolb suffered a concussion has helped the Eagles so far. Now that Vick is injured, Kolb has been put back in as starting quarterback.

Chelsea, along with many other Eagles fans, hopes for the best regarding Michael Vick’s recent injury. During the Eagles vs. Redskins game, Vick was “sandwiched” and hurt his ribs.

Mr. DeAntonio, the principal at Fleetwood, also shared his opinion about Vick uniting with the Eagles.

“As long as the team wins, the fans will forget the past,” says DeAntonio. “But now that Vick is out, Kolb is back as the quarterback. If [Kolb] does well, then the fans will like him again too.”

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