Oliver Roland Heck: October 4th, 2010

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Mr. Heck, the design applications teacher here at FAHS was blessed with his first child on October 4th, 2010. Heck and his wife have decided to name the baby boy Oliver Roland Heck.

Heck is still very anxious about this major life change, but he is very excited nonetheless. However, he also believes that his wife is still very tired.

Heck believes that he will be a wonderful father and that he has been successful so far. He is unsure whether or not he plans to have any more children.

Says Heck: “Whatever will be—the future is not ours to see.”

Mr. Heck has many good wishes lined up for him and his growing family from a number of his colleagues. Mrs. Sahaydak would like to wish Mr. Heck good sleep every night. She also wishes him the best of luck and is very happy for him and his wife.

“I wish all the best to baby Oliver and all the best to the Heck family,” says Mr. Kellet.

Mr. Coassolo congratulates the Heck family for the newborn child, and Mrs. Follweiller would like to wish the best to Mr. Heck and remind him that children are a blessing. She advises, “Get sleep whenever you can…just not while driving!”

Last but not least, Mrs. Steele says, “Congratulations! Children are a huge blessing.”

Mr. Heck is a proud new father, but the whole school seems equally proud.

Mr. Heck, everyone wishes you and your wife the best of luck! We all hope you enjoy your new baby boy!

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