Where Are All the Guys?

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You no longer see many male cheerleaders cheering on their fellow students, particularly at FAHS; however, men were the ones to actually create cheerleading!

In the 1890’s, the first “pep squad” was formed at Princeton University. The founders were all males. Cheerleading wasn’t predominantly a female activity until the 1950’s when gymnastics became synonymous with cheering. The question that many people are wondering today is, Where did all the guys go?!

When a guy enters the world of cheerleading, he is immediately scrutinized by others. He is labeled with many classifications, such as “un-athletic” and “sissy.”

“I would not want to be a male cheerleader because of all the stereotypes about their physical fitness and sexuality,” said student Andrew Moran, who was one of the male “cheerleaders” at this year’s powder puff football game.

Due to harsh accusations, many guys do not even give cheering a thought anymore. What many people do not know is that it takes immense strength to be a male cheerleader. They have to toss around girls all day as well as perform back handsprings and hand tucks even though they are six feet tall and two-hundred pounds. Who wouldn’t be in great physical condition after that?

Many people do not realize how important having male cheerleaders are.

“They could help us do more stunting and make our routine even more interesting,” said student Julie Sipos

Agreed Jenna Dantas, “It would be cool to have them like other high schools in the area do.”

Male cheerleaders bring diversity into the sport and enhance the uniqueness and quality of the routines and stunts. The boys of FAHS should rise to this challenge and show their school spirit in a whole new way.

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