Morig Migrates to America

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Being a new kid in a school is tough enough, but imagine if you’re from a completely different country. It would be even harder yet!

For Lisa-Marie Morig, it’s all about culture and the learning experience. Lisa-Marie is from Germany, and she is here through this whole school year up until July.

Traveling all the way from Lower Saxony in North Germany, Lisa-Marie is staying with Sarah Miller for the first months of her stay.

“I’m glad to be here,” said the sixteen-year-old. “We don’t have a pledge of allegiance—no flags in our classrooms. The teachers switch classes and not the students like here.”

The breaks between classes are longer in Germany, much longer than the couple of minutes Fleetwood offers. The years of schooling extend into a thirteenth year, but not in all of the school systems.

“I have more opportunities here with school,” said Morig.

Lisa-Marie likes to participate in the high school chorus and attend clubs after school. She listens to all music, prefers fantasy novels, and likes horror movies at night.

German sports aren’t too different from American sports. Football and baseball are unique to America; otherwise, Germany has handball and soccer.

“In America, I can take photography, chorus, cooking classes. We might have fifteen subjects, but they’re the same in all the years of school,” said Morig.

Other than just traveling to the United States, Lisa-Marie has been to the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, France, Austria, Switzerland, and Greece.

“I was here in the States in 2000, but I was in Florida. I’d love to come back again,” commented Morig.

Religion isn’t much different between the two countries, but Americans have many more churches in one town than Germans do. Catholicism exists mostly in South Germany, but Christianity dwells all throughout the country.

Lisa-Marie is already planning her future: “I want to have a family and work as an actress, but never as a superstar since they simply don’t have any privacy in their lives. I just want to do what I love.”

While in America, Lisa-Marie would like to become more self-confident, learn more of the culture, and make more friends.

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