Progress Report: FAHS Holocaust Documentary

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When last The Tiger Times heard from Gaston and his production staff, they had interviewed and filmed Mr. Frank Grunwald over a 3-day weekend in Indianapolis, and his TV media students had just begun the process of transcription. Together, they copied every spoken word from the interview into a word processor document that was 116 pages long.

Since that time, there has been an incredible amount of progress on the film. To find out exactly how much progress has been made, Mr. Gaston, the brains behind the operation, shared the current state of the documentary

“We are about halfway through the script-writing process. We are pulling out the specific words that Frank is going to say,” said Gaston. “After that is done, we will then begin to actually hunt for visuals. We will be getting stock photos and footage from the holocaust museum in Washington D.C., and once we get the visuals, we will begin to match them up with the audio and begin the editing process.”

“The students have done well at their jobs on the film,” Gaston continued. “They did the transcription much faster than I thought they were going to, and I would say they had a break during the script-writing, but, once that’s done, they’ll definitely be involved in the editing.”

Gaston also announced the title of the film, which will be “Misa’s Fugue.” Misa is Frank’s middle name, which is Michael in Czech, and that is what he was called by his family and friends as a little boy. A “fugue” is a term that Mr. Gaston believes fits perfectly with the themes of the story, both in a musical and psychological sense.

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