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Miss Pearson, Fleetwood’s newest Latin teacher, was recently hired after the former Latin teacher left for a full-time job at Reading High School. Miss Pearson came across this job when applying for the same job as Mrs. Cambria, Fleetwood’s Latin teacher for the last several years.

“Fleetwood actually called me when my name was given to them by Reading, and I actually met Mrs. Cambria during an interview,” says Pearson.

Pearson enjoys Fleetwood because it’s quiet, just like her hometown.  If Pearson or any other Latin teacher had not been hired, the Latin program would have been dropped at Fleetwood in light of the ongoing budget crisis plaguing schools during the recent economic recession. Fortunately for Latin students, Pearson was hired right before the school year started.

Pearson went to college at West Chester University, where she majored in Latin Education. She also has a minor in biology. She has taught for two years.  The first school at which she taught was the very same high school that she attended, Council Rock High School. 

“It was odd going back and teaching with all my old teachers,” said Pearson.

Her current commute to Fleetwood is an hour and a half—the farthest she has ever driven for work. Even in college, she was still in walking distance of her jobs.

Pearson is the second of three children. She has an older sister named Sarah, and her younger sister’s name is Bernadette.

Pearson wanted to be a doctor for a brief time in her youth when she experienced a sledding accident and hit a tree; as a result, she ruptured an organ and had to endure surgery. Her interests include photography and reading science fiction or historical fiction books. She can’t choose her favorite book because she prefers to read trilogies.

At the age of 7, Pearson began to dream of becoming a teacher.  Thanks to FAHS, this dream has been realized.

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