Gorgia Blasts into Aerospace Program

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Daytona Beach, Florida, is a popular spring break location that isn’t widely known for its colleges.  But then, it’s not every day that a Fleetwood student attends an aerospace college in The Sunshine State.

Fleetwood’s own Tom Gorgia was accepted into both the Embry Riddle School of Aeronautics in Daytona Beach as well as NASA’s Inspire Program.  Tom dreams of being an astronaut and has worked hard to get into Embry Riddle.

“The school wanted to see my GPA and extra-curricular activities.  Then they interviewed me,” explained Gorgia.

Embry Riddle requires a GPA of 3.5 and an SAT score of over 1000 in the Critical Reading and Math sections. These academic achievements took years of hard work and dedication by Gorgia so that he could reach his dream.

Gorgia continued, “This school will train me to be an aerospace engineer and hopefully help me reach my goal of working for NASA. Two graduates may board the final shuttle launch in the future, and I hope one can be me.”

While Tom is being trained at school, his participation in the Inspire Program will help as well. It is designed specifically so students can learn and work with NASA to train for future careers.

Fleetwood High School and The Tiger Times wishes Tom the best of luck in the future and is confident that he will make his alma mater proud.

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