Volleyball Tournament is Big Hit

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On Friday, November 12th, FAHS held a volleyball tournament in the main gym. Games started at 3:00 p.m. after school. A total of thirteen teams participated in the tournament, and competition was fierce. Teams were made of a minimum of six players, each with at least two girls. A $3.00 donation was required by each player on the teams. Proceeds benefit updating and remodeling the weight room.

The first team to score 25 points won each game, and team names were quite creative, including The Unicorns, Young Money, and the Fac “kill” Team, whose members consisted of a few of the FAHS faculty members.

The winners of the tournament were the Hota Reys, which included Leo Rosario, Dylan Geisler, Ricky Perry, Kelvin D’oleo, Kaylie Vrabel, and Madison Rice. Organizers of the event, Mrs. Cammauf and Ms. Barnett, said that the game was pretty intense.

Cammauf commented, “It was what you wanted the final game to be like.”

Sophomore Brittnay Frymoyer said, “I thought everyone played a good game, and it was definitely a lot of fun to watch!”

Barnett wanted to award a best team uniform but couldn’t find enough sponsors to follow through with the plan. Two local businesses, Sam’s Club and Schell’s Drive-In, donated to the tournament

In addition to profits from the volleyball tournament, a dodge ball tournament will be held on February 18th and a basketball tournament on March 18th. Both tournaments are on half days. By these next two events, the school should have raised enough money to make its first purchase for the weight room.

The volleyball tournament turned out to be very exciting, and the spectators enjoyed the fun-filled action.

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