Christmas Creates Continued Controversy

Posted on December 15, 2010 by


Have you ever thought of renaming the tree that Christians put up in their houses every year? 

Nearby political figures are challenging the use of the word “Christmas” when referring to certain holiday artifacts. Activities such as baking “Christmas” cookies and decorating a “Christmas” tree could shortly become taboo.

In Philadelphia, Mayor Michael Nutter is debating with proponents of political correctness about whether or not it is appropriate to call the city’s tree a “Christmas Tree” or the recommended “Holiday Tree”. His opponents claim that the status quo could be very offensive to those who do not celebrate Christmas. According to them, Christmas cookies should be called “Holiday Cookies” and Christmas songs should be called “Holiday Songs.” Although these cookies, songs, and words have been used for countless generations, many say that they haven’t seemed to offend anyone until the current controversy.

Mayor Nutter has also had to deal with the issue of the sign outside of Christmas Village. Yet again, the PC crowd told Mayor Nutter that calling the attraction a “Christmas” village may offend people of different religious beliefs.

The sign at Christmas Village had the “Christmas” taken down from it for a brief time because of the controversy traveling through the Mayor’s office. After countless discussions, the sign was changed back to its original title.

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