No Christmas for Florida Elementary School

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In late November, an elementary school in Florida decided to ban Christmas for children. Parents were in an uproar. The principal had banned everything that was associated with Christmas.

Santa Claus was banned from every classroom at Heathrow Elementary School because he is an overt symbol of the holiday. However, controversy arose when non-Christian images, such as elves, sleighs, bells, and the colors red and green, were also banned from the elementary.

According to sources, administrators wanted to celebrate winter and not any religious holidays. Christmas is a religious holiday, and so it was banned from Heathrow Elementary. Many parents believe that the administrators’ reactions are too extreme. Others, such as religious leaders, think that the winter season should be a time when teachers instruct students about diversity and acceptance. But district officials for the Heathrow Elementary School said that celebrating winter is good enough for elementary students, and they have yet to be persuaded otherwise.

At Fleetwood Area High School, many shared their opinions about this action and how they would feel if Christmas was banned at FAHS.

Senior Ethan Martinez commented, “I really wouldn’t mind.”

“I would cry about it,” said freshman Tessa Swider, “and curl up in a corner.”

Sophomore Gregory Ratzell stated, “I wouldn’t care as much.”

Ryan Cortazzo, a junior, replied, “I would wear green and red and everything else that has to do Christmas. Any punishment that would come with this violation, I would serve.”

Mr. Houp commented, “I feel that the administrators have taken an extreme route. Banning all cultures does not help students intellectually. What they need to do is learn about all cultures and not ban any of them.”

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