Torres Finds Funds in Refuse

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Karina Torres, a senior here at Fleetwood Area High School, is on a mission to collect soda cans to help raise money for an educational ambassadorship program to Europe. In addition, Torres wants to help raise money for college and other personal expenses.

As Torres began this endeavor, she thought that collecting cans would be a good way for her to earn money for small purchases she desired to make. Then one day she received a letter from the ambassador program and decided that she would like to go on the trip.

“I thought, ‘Hey, I’ll save a few weeks’ worth of cans, and I’ll have my trip money in no time!’” explains Torres.

She started to collect cans about four months ago, but her goal remains far in the distance.  Torres is now saving all of the money that she earns from collecting cans to help pay for college and the ambassador program. 

Torres takes all of the cans that she collects—to date, around 40,000—to Cougal’s  in Hamburg. 

The staff of The Tiger Times wishes Karina the best of luck.

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