Barnshaws Keep Missionary Spirit Alive

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In today’s world, religion is often forgotten. It has faded out of many people’s lives, and the policies of public schooling do not promote talking about or expressing it in any way, shape, or form.

This, however, isn’t true for everyone. Byron and Lisa Barnshaw, parents of FAHS student Haley Barnshaw, are missionaries who attend a Christian church in Kutztown.

For twenty years, the Barnshaws have been serving as missionaries through an organization called Christar. Christar is a Christian organization that intends to “reach the people who are least reached in the world, and to spread the gospel through living and understanding the people of the different cultures of the world.”

Byron Barnshaw has done just that, traveling to Thailand and Washington through in his years of service. What separates Christar from many other organizations is that a person must be fluent in the language of the culture in which he or she is living.

“It is a rewarding experience. Working with Christar is all about serving the Lord, and trying to do the right thing,” says Byron Barnshaw.

Unfortunately, being missionaries offers countless spiritual rewards and very few of the monetary rewards needed to live in today’s world. To compensate, Byron and Lisa work out of their home during the day. Byron is a web designer, and Lisa works as an NPO (New Personnel Orientate) for Christar.

In the past year, Christar has moved its base location from the Fleetwood Area to Richardson, Texas. This posed a problem for the Barnshaws, who faced the possibility of moving to Texas.

“It wasn’t the right move for our family at the time, and I am glad that we were able to stay here in Fleetwood,” explains Lisa Barnshaw.  Thankfully, the Barnshaws have been able to serve remotely from their home.

Overall, the Barnshaws have devoted their lives to raising their daughters and living out the ideals of Christianity as best they can.

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