“Misa’s Fugue” Continues as Planned

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With each passing month, the end of the school year grows nearer and nearer, and accompanying the end of school is the anticipated release of the FAHS Holocaust documentary. The documentary has a tentative release date of late May, and Media teacher Sean Gaston’s students and production staff are working very hard to have the film ready for that time.

“The editing phase had begun,” Gaston stated regarding the film’s progress. “We are about halfway through a rough cut, which is strictly dealing with the audio. We also took a trip to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum where Mrs. Goss, and I spent two days filming inside the permanent exhibit.  We also spent time inside the film and photo archives finding footage. We are now waiting for the footage to come back from the lab.”

Gaston also had nothing but praise for his student editors: “They’ve been doing well. Some have been getting fatigued–some more than others. It is tedious, the work, but I think it will pick up once we receive the footage from the museum.”

The film’s screenwriter, English teacher Zachary Steven Houp, has also been working diligently on the documentary.

“In the beginning, I eliminated everything that wouldn’t go into the film, organized everything in the script, and then shaped all of our subject’s monologue into a narrative,” said Houp.

But, according to Houp, his responsibilities are not yet at an end: “I will be responsible for the smaller writing assignments like the DVD cover and things of that nature as we move closer to the release date.”

With all of this happening, one would think that the project is nearing completion, but that is not the case. According to Gaston, there is still a lot left to do, and the filmmakers are only about four months away from their premiere.

But, as the saying goes, you can’t rush perfection.

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