This Article is not 8e6-ed!

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Have you ever tried working on a project in school and have not been able to complete it because the school has every possible website blocked?

Here’s why…

Fleetwood initially started blocking websites because they were simply inappropriate. Now the school district is required by law to block these websites. The only websites that are supposed to be unblocked are those with legitimate educational value to students. Sometimes the program 8e6 will re-block websites that the school has specifically told them not to block, which may be part of the reason why so many websites with little objectionable material may be blocked.

According to Technology Supervisor Jane Fawcett, the following content is deemed inappropriate: “pornography, obscene material, adult content, gambling, gaming, criminal skills, hate and discrimination, illegal drugs, cheating, terrorism/militant/extremist activities or content, instant messaging, hacking, malicious code and viruses, phishing, spyware, shopping, weapons, etc.”

The choices for which websites should or should not be blocked are based on whether administrators feel that the site will genuinely support the school’s curriculum. If there is a blocked website that a teacher plans on using for class, the school can make arrangements for it to be unblocked.

Although it may seem as though the school is always against the students, trying to ruin their fun, in all actuality the school is simply acting as a caretaker, watching over and protecting teens from the vile images and ideas that the Internet has to offer.

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