Make Valentine’s Day Every Day

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Most girls are excited for Valentine’s Day, but why does everyone seem to make a big deal out of this holiday? When children are younger, they make cards and hearts for each other in class. But one of the bigger factors that attracts the attention of the younger generation to the holiday is getting candy.

But as children get older, they end up falling in love, and cards with candy no longer seem like enough. Many students will go out on dates this  February 14th. But when this day ends, the magic of the evening seems to end with it.

Some suggest that life is too busy, and there is not that much extra time on a daily basis for individuals to devote to romance.

“It’s nice to have a day off with ones that you love,” says science teacher Erin Follweiler.

Many individuals would never dream of making a big deal out of this day if it weren’t for the “Valentines” that they chose.  But, if many other days throughout the year were like Valentine’s Day, there wouldn’t be much to celebrate on Valentine’s Day. Guys can take girls out on a date this one evening of the year, and the girls will most definitely remember the experience.

This brief flourish of romance helps girls and guys get to know each other better. Even if a couple must spend the evening with a group of friends, the holiday still keeps people from staying at home and being bored for the whole night.

Valentine’s Day even helps to provide memories upon which to look back—days where there was fun and excitement and deep friendship. A person never knows when something will separate friends from one another, preventing them from spending time together anymore. High School ends quickly, and you never know when you will get to meet up with friends again.

Many students agree that they like to go out and spend time with friends on Valentine’s Day—either going on group dates or just remaining friendly. Even the most ordinary Valentine’s Day plans, such as going to the mall or movie theatre, can be memorable fun.

But no matter what, the majority of people still spend Valentine’s Day with the people they love. It is an occasion that enables the shy to grow more comfortable around new people. Confidence could be one of the biggest factors that prevents two individuals from falling in love.

So this Valentine’s day, no matter what you do, strive for the creativity to fall deeply in love.

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