Fleetwood Finds Some Glee!

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Almost everyone has heard of the new television phenomenon Glee! It tells the story of a high school Glee Club and the adventures that ensue. Now Glee! has swept through the nation all the way to the doors of the Fleetwood Area High School.

A Glee Club is a club in which people can sing and dance together, using songs from any genre, era, or artist. Years ago, a Glee Club was actually a group of boys singing “gleeful” types of songs. These days, Glee Club is available to anyone, and the song choices are a bit more eclectic. Each performer’s personality and flair can be shown through the songs that the club sings. Spanish teacher Anita Lewis is the advisor of the new FAHS Glee Club.

“I love to perform, and I’m a big fan of the television show. This is a great opportunity because I get to combine my love for theater with my love for teaching,” said Lewis.

The first Glee Club meeting was considered a fantastic success. Many students auditioned, and they all showed true talent.

“I was so excited. There were way more people than I expected!” exclaimed Lewis.

The Glee Club currently rehearses dancing one week and singing the next. Even though there is a limited amount of time for practice, the club still breaks down the rehearsal schedule evenly.

And their first gig is already booked as well.  In the next Pep Rally, the Glee Club is going to perform its first number for the public. Lewis hopes that, sooner or later, the club will find more and more opportunities to demonstrate their talents to the community.

“I’m excited for what is going to happen next. I hope that we can put together more songs and perform as much as possible,” said Lewis.

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