Heart Health Contest Awards iPod to Jameson

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Everyone is buzzing over the iPod contest that recently occurred in the high school.  Although the prize was originally intended to be red, a pink iPod was awarded.  Unfortunately, only one person had the chance of winning.

That lucky winner was none other than Heather Jameson!

Said Jameson, “I entered the contest just because I felt like it.”

Jameson reported that fellow students were asking her for the iPod all week long. She claims that people were so jealous that they were trying to steal the iPod from her when she wasn’t looking.

Jameson wasn’t really trying to win; she said her mom told her to wear red, so she did. Jameson also said that, if it would have been red, it would have been cool, but pink is better. Every student who wore red on February 28th not only demonstrated his or her support for a healthy heart but also was entered into the competition, which was personally sponsored by Principal Michael DeAntonio.

When asked if she liked the color of the iPod, Jameson replied without pause, “Duh! It’s pink!”

“It was awkward when the office announced my name,” said Jameson.

She reported that her whole class was staring at her, causing her face to blush as red as the shirt he was wearing. All in all, she was excited to win, and she may even give the iPod to her mother as a gift.

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