FAHS Principal DeAntonio Reflects on ’11-’12 Budgetary Concerns

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I came across this quote the other day….

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”
~Gilbert K. Chesterton 

As we attempt to remember the real reason that public education exists, let us not forget that we owe our students the same opportunity that we were given–the same opportunities that made our parents work hard for us and sacrifice the things they did so that we could receive a quality education.

 I am aware that the economy is in terrible shape.  I am doing what I can to let Governor Corbett know that his budget is obscene.  My daughter, a student at Shippensburg University will be participating in rallies and marches to protest the 50% reduction in aid to PA state funded colleges and universities.  Like many of you, I have taken family loans to help pay for her further education.  I live in a modest home in Limestone Village in Maidencreek Township, and we are a one income family. I have requested to take a pay freeze for the next school year.

With this in mind, how does not passing a $50/year (which equates to $4.17/month) tax increase on a $100,000 property justify the potential losses that are being proposed? No one wants a tax increase but given the situation we are in, what else can be done? At the high school, the staff and I have worked diligently to cut our HS budget by over 50% in the last four years.  Although a minimal tax increase will not save every program or position, it will make a difference. The public (you and I) need to be given all available information so that we can let the elected Board of Directors hear both sides. A 0% tax increase is not the only solution.

 History is filled with accounts of citizens that stood by silently as one-sided decisions were made by a vocal minority.  Don’t remain silent for the sake of the next generation of Fleetwood graduates. Bring your kids to the next school board meeting, and every meeting, and let them watch you participate in the democratic process.  Governors, state legislators, and even school board members work for YOU (and me).

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