“Misa’s Fugue” Kickstarted

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By this time, everyone in the Fleetwood Area School District should be well aware of the documentary project in which high school students are currently knee-deep. The majority of the publicity circulating around the film is centered mostly on the plot of the film, the film’s gestation, the role of the students, and so on. One thing that has been neglected in all of this coverage is the topic of funding. While the film has thus far been funded by gracious donations from various institutions, Producer Sean Gaston is trying to use a new avenue to help cover the rest of the film’s costs—kickstarter.com.

Kickstarter.com describes itself on its site as “the largest fundraising platform for creative projects in the world.” The way the site essentially works is as follows: An independent artist pitches an idea for a project through a short write-up about the project, a video, or something of the sort. The artist then sets an amount of money that he or she would like to reach as the goal. In addition, artists set prizes or gifts that they will give to backers who pledge certain amounts of money towards the project. After all of that is done, the artist must wait to see if enough “backers” can pledge money towards their project in a time period of 1-90 days, which is set by the creator of the project. If the artist doesn’t reach his or her goal by the day of the deadline, no money is received.

“We are hoping to receive $10,000 in funding,” said Gaston about the new kickstarter.com page for the film, which is now up and running. “We are still ironing out the gifts for the backers, but what we have set right now is that, if you pledge $25, you will get a DVD of the film.  If you pledge $50, you will get a signed DVD, and if you pledge $75, you will receive a signed DVD and a poster. We are probably going to expand our range to cover amounts between $100 and $1,000.”

Even though the project has been solvent so far, help is always welcomed. Even if it’s only a dollar or so, everything counts.  If the project doesn’t receive enough funding to meet its goal, the documentary will receive no money, and Gaston and crew will be sent back to the drawing board. So, spread the word about the page, make a donation—Do something!—and hopefully the world will soon see the hard work that everyone put into this project.

The actual kickstarter.com URL for the “Misa’s Fugue” documentary is as follows: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1328513306/fahs-documentary-project-misas-fugue.

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