Mikitka Swims to Nationals

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Making it to states is a tremendous achievement in itself. Not only did Senior Jeff Mikitka make it to states, but he also medaled. Jeff finished 4th in the 100 meter Butterfly stroke. This stroke was new to Jeff this year, and he had put all his effort into perfecting it. Jeff has been swimming for 7 years and started because his sister wanted him to swim with her. He has been to states every year he attended Fleetwood Area High School. In previous years, Jeff has never placed high enough in the races at states to receive a medal.

Since he placed in the top five of the event, Jeff was invited to the National Competition, which was held in Florida. He left for Florida on April 3rd and returned on April 10th. Only Jeff’s parents were allowed to accompany him to Florida, but they flew down on another airplane to avoid disturbing his preparation.

Jeff’s parents were mainly in attendance for moral support and did not really interact with him at all. Jeff competed against other students from all across the country.

“I competed in the 100 meter free, the 500 meter free, the 100 meter butterfly, and the 200 meter butterfly,” said Mikitka.

Jeff finished best in the 100 meter butterfly. After the competition was completed, Jeff and the other swimmers were able to lay down and relax on the beach.

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