FAHS Blood Drive Helps Those in Need

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On Wednesday May 4th, from 7:15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., the Fleetwood Area High School hosted a district-wide blood drive in the high school auditorium. The blood that was taken went to the blood supplier Miller Keystone, and each unit donated has the potential to save three lives.

Giving blood can have many beneficial components to it; it is able to help people who were in car accidents, people who have anemia, cancer patients, premature babies, and dozens of other individuals in dire situations where blood is needed for survival. In order to give blood, you must have your photo ID as well as parent permission if you are under the age of eighteen. It is important to drink plenty of water the night before and on the day you’re giving blood.  Donors should also be sure to always eat a good breakfast. Participants cannot have had any tattoos or piercings within the last year.

“Giving blood is definitely worth while.  You never know when someone will need it,” says FAHS school nurse Bonnie Fansler.

“I feel that whoever received my blood will live a long, happy life. I also enjoyed the cookies that were at the blood drive!” says English teacher Zachary Houp.

Giving blood could help save hundreds of lives, some of which may be a family member or close friend, and the process is simple. Hopefully, Fleetwood went above and beyond their goal of one hundred donors.

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