Fleetwood in No Need of Food Revolution, Says Woodall

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Bringing up the topic of school lunches makes some people cringe. Many students really don’t even give school lunches a chance, mainly because they would say that the lunches served are not exactly healthy.

But nowadays American are confronted with the harsh accusations of Jamie Oliver’s television program “The Food Revolution.” The whole show is based around Oliver traveling to different school cafeterias and inspecting what it is they serve.  In more cases than not, Oliver then tries to reform the whole school lunch program. So, if Mr. Oliver were to look over Fleetwood’s school lunch for a day, would he approve of the options provided?

Food service supervisor Jeffrey Woodall says that, while what Oliver is doing with his show is good for a lot of schools’ lunches, Fleetwood’s food service is not in need of such a radical overhaul.

Woodall states, “At Fleetwood, we do follow the nutritional guidelines set by the state and the federal government. We do not serve anything in our meals that are deep-fried, contain trans-saturated fats, or added sugar. Even our a la carte items are reduced fat and reduced sugar.”

When considering these healthier meals that Oliver is suggesting for a lot of schools, the cost of all of these nutritional foods isn’t cheap. Most of the time, supplying healthier choices for lunch is more costly than the less healthy options. So, while Oliver’s ideas are nice in theory, are they economically plausible?

Woodall remarked that not every school would be able to accommodate Oliver’s recommendations simply because it is very costly to supply the kind of food that he is suggesting.

“As anyone who goes to a grocery store knows, it is more expensive to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables as well as whole grain products. As we continue to add more fresh products, the cost of serving a lunch will go up. Jamie is working on an ideal which may not be successful in all schools everywhere,” says Woodall.

While many would love to see all of the recommendations Oliver is making on his television show become a reality at Fleetwood, the fact is that many of his ideas are nice in theory but both unrealistic financially and unnecessary legally.  When one considers that Fleetwood’s school lunches are as healthy as the government says they must be, no revolution can be forthcoming.

So get used to the way things are now because Jamie Oliver won’t be showing up any time soon.  And even if he does, he might find that his first priority is changing Harrisburg’s regulations rather than individually modifying Fleetwood’s menu.

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