Students Prepare Summer Plans

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Only 20 days left!

Many students are excited that school has almost ended, and everybody is making plans about what to do over summer vacation.

For example, Ethan Martinez is planning to spend his summer on romantic picnics while Sara Kilgore plans to be as annoying as possible even though she claims it doesn’t take much effort.

All these ideas sound like very entertaining plans, but what does everyone else have in store?

Mike Laity plans on visiting New York. Kayla Robinson plans to visit many amusement parks, yet Angie Heydt wishes to go on just one vacation.

Everyone enjoys going on vacation and visiting amusement parks, but is this the extent of creativity we can expect from Fleetwood students?

No! Amber Himic will be having fun in the sun at the beach.  Connor Davis is going to play it safe and stay at home, playing Xbox or probably driving. Kevin Morgan and Kyle Flannery plan to spend all summer sleeping; let’s hope they get up to use the bathroom!

There are many people who will be traveling this summer. For example, Josias Piri is visiting Las Vegas this summer. Tanisha Rodrigez will be vacationing in the Dominican Republic.

Aaron Kulaga is going to eat until he is a few pants sizes larger, and Rashad Housseal is going to throw lots of parties.

Have a safe and happy summer, Tigers!

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