Bath Salts to be Banned in Berks

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Prosecutors and the Berks County District Attorney have recently been trying to ban designer drugs here in Berks County. Some of these designer drugs would include synthetic marijuana and bath salts that can be sold over the counter to someone of the legal age of 18.

Designer drugs have been around for several years, but, in the past six months, there have been reports seeing an increase in the use of the drugs as well as a surge of all new dangerous behaviors.

Emergency rooms, such as the one at the Reading Hospital and Medical Center, have been seeing an increase in overdoses due to these new bath salts. Over the past year, the Reading hospital has had more than ten times the calls it had received the previous year regarding designer drugs.

Last month, the state house approved a bill that bans the possession, use, and sale of these synthetic drugs. The bill has been sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee for further review. Bath salts are just one of many new focuses in the bill.

Bath salts are a powdery substance that can be mixed in drinks, injected, or snorted and contain a chemical that was created to imitate the effects of cocaine and ecstasy.  But this knock off is a lot more dangerous. All of these synthetic drugs have been deemed dangerous by the government and have caused problems in the community.

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