Geisinger, Weida Join Church Councils

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At Fleetwood Area High School, there are a few people who are involved in extracurricular activities that involve helping the community. Elizabeth Geisinger and Becca Weida are both engaged in activities of this sort at their local churches. They are two of the few young people who attend Fleetwood Area High School to be on a church council. They do not attend the same church; therefore, they have different tasks that need to be maintained every day.

Elizabeth Geisinger, a sophomore, is currently on the church council at Zion Moselem Lutheran Church. Her age is 15, and the two sports that she plays are soccer and field hockey. Her volunteer work at the church will help her prepare for her future career as a pastor. She is currently a Sunday school teacher. Debating on issues is one of the things that she does on the church council. She gives committee reports on everything she has accomplished so far. Ideas that could potentially help the church are brainstormed during the council meetings. Every council member is expected to become the head usher for two months of the year. The usher picks out people to collect offerings and also selects people to help out with communion. She also helps count out the money. Additionally, Liz is in a youth group and on the Bible School committee.

Said Geisinger, “I enjoy being on the council.”

Some fun facts about her church are that it is over 275 years old and has the oldest Tannenberg organ in the country.

Becca Weida is the other FAHS student who is on a church council. She serves communion regularly. Collecting offerings and cleaning the sanctuary are some of her other jobs. Council members also vote on issues within the church. Weida manages the alter and pew Bibles as well. She participates in other activities, such as being a first grade Sunday school teacher, a choir member, and a Sunday school Board Member. Lastly, she reads scriptures and hands out bulletins.

“I really like being on the council. It is fun,” Weida said.

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